Subway Swim Day brings local TV stations to the GAC

In conjunction with Autism Unbound and Subway restaurants, the Greensboro Aquatic Center hosted the 5th annual Subway Swim Day on Saturday, June 29.

Greensboro Aquatic Center’s coaches and Greensboro Community YMCA National Swimmers teaching kids with autism basic swimming skills. Special Education volunteers were also on hand to provide perspective on water safety for children, who are vulnerable members of our population.

The event drew attention from local media outlets WXII (NBC) and WGHP (FOX).

Up to 90 percent of wandering-related deaths involving autistic children are due to drownings, according to a March 2017 study from the National Autism Association. The NAA states nearly half of all children with autism are prone to wandering, also known as eloping or bolting, from adult supervision and going to an object of fascination, such as water. They advise families to use a “tag, you’re it” system with children at family gatherings and to “search water first” for missing children.

Locally-owned Subway restaurant owners and the Greensboro Aquatic Center felt a need to organize the event after hearing about the high risk of drownings for people with autism. Subway® of Greensboro is a sponsor of the Center.