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Swim Lessons


12/10/18-12/11/18 CANCELLATION

The safety and wellness of you and your children are our first priority. With that being said, in anticipation of the inclement Weather, the GAC will be cancelling lessons Monday 12/9 and Tuesday 12/10. Due to all classes being cancelled, all participants will receive a credit on account that can be used for future lessons, programs, or daily use. All credits on account can only be used in-person, so be sure to take advantage of the restricted registration and you can use your credit then. After your child is assessed, go to the front desk with your assessment or completion card, and you will be able to register for the next session and use the credit on account. Credits will be added under the child's name for future registrations. 


Preschool/Parent Child= $9.00 credit on account

Youth/Adult = $10.00 credit on account

GAC Assigned Times Private Lessons= $35

Diving = $10

2nd Grade Extension Lessons = $5


If you have any questions or concerns, or the proposed solution does not work for you, please email

 John Rife                                                                                                         Operations Coordinator 


New Pool Construction will affect parking. Please continue to use ACC entrance and drop off. There will be limited parking out front so please arrive early in case parking is occupied and you have to park further away than normal.


Click here for Parking lot Diagram



Registration and Parent Information:

On-line Registration 

If you are experiencing difficulty adding a "dependent" under your account, you can find the instructions on how to do so here

*Sibling Discount only applies In-Person*

*If you previously tried to create an online account and didn't receive the confirmation email, please try again. Contact us if it still does not work.*

Registration Form 

(if you are experiencing difficulty setting up an on-line account, please submit this form via e-mail to:

**Submission of registration does not guarantee a spot in a program.



Learn to Swim

Swim Lessons are offered to participants ages 6 months and older. We offer a wide range of skill levels from beginner to fitness swimming. 

Unsure of your child's swim level? Call for an assessment! 336-315-8498 

Fall 2018 Swimming Lessons (Click here for informational flyer)

Spring 2019 Swimming Lessons (Click here for informational flyer)


**Restricted Registration** times are reserved for those currently enrolled in lessons. The last week of every group lesson session, participants will be able to register early only with their assessment card. Once you have received your assessment card, you may register in person only for the next session before they open to the remainder of the community.

If it is your first time registering for lessons, you will need to have your child complete a swim assessment in order to be eligible to register for lessons higher than level one for their respective age group. Swim assessments are provided at no additional charge. The Greensboro Aquatic Center reserves the right to move participants down a level for safety purposes. If your child has not been properly assessed and needs to be moved to another level, a spot in another class is not guaranteed for the same session. In the event a spot is not available, a refund or credit may be received.

All lessons are non-refundable.

Credit on account may be allowed with the manager’s approval.





Group restricted registration assessment cards cannot be used for privates.  

Registration can be done online or in person on the allotted dates. 

Once you are scheduled into your time slot for private lessons, the schedule is rigid and is not able to be manipulated.  Lessons are not able to be rescheduled by request and are final upon payment.  Credit for missed lessons will not be given unless there is a GAC pool closure. 

The GAC is a grounded pool and rarely closes for weather.  If extremely inclement weather forces a GAC pool closure, you will be notified by phone and/or email. 


Given the rigid structure of private lessons, please arrive 10 minutes before your private lesson is scheduled to begin to ensure that the swimmer is ready to be in the water for the exact amount of time allotted to them.  We must honor everyone's time equally. 


All lessons are non-refundable

2nd Grade GC LTS Extension Lessons

Click here for Flyer and Additional Information

All graduates of the Greensboro Aquatic Center/Guilford County learn to Swim Program may continue through our Extension Program. It is our goal to provide an instrucotr to assist our graduate students in furtering their aquatic skill development. Once your school has completed the GSLTS lessons, you may sign up for out exntension lessons for a discounted rate.



Adaptive Lessons

Click here for flyer and additional information

What are Adaptive Lessons?

Adaptive swim lessons use Applied Behavior Analytic strategies to teach children with special needs. Lessons are created for, but not limited to, those with behaviroal, communication, or sensory challenges. Instruction emphasized adapted teaching strategies to accomodate individual abilities, needs, and goals.

Lesson Structure and Pricing

Adapted lessons are generally in (4) or (6) class sessions based on facility availability. Lessons are $10 per lesson and participants must commit to the entirety of the session. Maximum enrollment for each session is 4 participants to ensure a 1 on 1 instructor to participant ratio. All lessons are non-refundable.

How do I register?

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Participants can register during the alloted registration times as presented on the flyer. You can register either in person or online at You will need to create an account and sign up for the session that best suits your schedule. If enrollment is full, please add yourself to the waitlist and the GAC staff will reach out if we are able to make any additional accomodations. If you are unsure if your child qualifies for adaptive lessons or have any additional questions, please send an email to