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Water Fitness

We would like to invite our water fitness participants to our Fitness Social event that is happening on December 17th. This social will be held in the mezzanine, immediately after our 9am fitness class. Feel free to join us!


December 2018 class schedule 



All of our Water Fitness Classes are available on a "drop-in" basis. There is no registration required and anyone can drop in to any class at any time.

Single class fee : $8.00

If you are a frequently attending classes, visit our memberships page for additional pricing options. 

The Greensboro Aquatic Center does not provide additional compensation for class cancellations or classes with no instructor. Closure compensation may be provided at the discretion of the Facility Manager.




Beginner Water Exercise (Beginner to moderate level intensity) A low-level, low-impact shallow water exercise class utilizing water walking and aerobic exercise to build cardiovascular endurance and range of motion.

Intermediate Water Exercise (Moderate to high intensity) All over toning and cardiovascular workout.  Since each participant works at their own pace, this class is great for the beginner up to the most advanced fitness level.

Conditioning (Beginner to high intensity) This class will focus on water walking, jogging, and running to combine body conditioning with cardio.  Appropriate for all fitness and swim levels.

Senior H2O (Beginner level intensity)An enjoyable, safe exercise program designed to increase feeling of well being and improve performance of daily activities. This class focuses on the muscular and joint strength.   

Aqua Dance(Beginner level intensity) Designed to fire up the core muscles and strengthenthe glutes, hamstrings and back muscles. Seniors will learn a gentle way back to those dance styles they love.  

Aqua Meditation (Beginner level intensity) Designed to decrease stress and increase energy by using the water in a flowing yet powerful progression, increases oxygen and caloric consumption with correct form and positioning in the water. 


Volleyball (Beginner level intensity) Strengthen the upper body, arms and shoulders as well as the muscles of the lower body. Playing volleyball also improves the cardiovascular and respiratory sytems. Enhances your energy level and improves your overall performance.



Deep Water Exercise (Moderate to high intensity) Participant should be comfortable and able to propel themselves in 17ft deep water.  All over toning and cardiovascular program held in deep water with float belt assistance.







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