This program is offered to youth participants ages 6 to 16 and teaches the basics of diving from a 1m and 3m springboard.

Prerequisites: performing a dive/jump from the side of the pool into deep water then proficiently swimming 25 yards and treading water for two minutes.

Fall 2019 Diving Classes

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GAC Waves

GAC Waves is a non-competitive program that focuses on stroke refinement, endurance and speed.

Prerequisites: completing Level 5 of the Learn to Swim program and passing a swim assessment. Assessments are done on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.  Please call all the GAC Front Desk at 336-315-8498 to schedule an assessment.

Fall 2019 Waves Classes

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Life Enrichment Program

Prepare for a healthy future today!

Our mission is to promote health, wellness and fitness for adults through swimming. Our vision at the GAC is to be a premier resource for aquatic health and fitness and to make living an active, healthy and fit lifestyle a primary goal through swimming.

Life Enrichment Info

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Adaptive Aquatic Lessons

Adaptive swim lessons use applied behavior analytic strategies to teach children with special needs. Lessons are created for, but not limited to, those with behavioral, communication or sensory challenges.

Instruction emphasizes adapted teaching strategies to accommodate individual abilities, needs and goals.

Adaptive Aquatic Lessons

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Mermaid Certification Classes

Want to become a mermaid? Come join us for our mermaid certification classes!

This certification class inclludes learning how to properly use a mono-fin and mermaid tail, effective mermaid swimming techniques and skills, and mermaid safety rules. Participants must be able to float on their front and back for at least 30 seconds, blow bubbles out of their nose, effeciently swim 25 yards and be comfortable in deep water.

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Once you become a certified mermaid, join us for Mermaid Fin Time! Download our flyer to view times and dates.

Mermaid Certification

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