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Youth Diving Lessons 

This program is offered to youth participants ages 6 years and older. This program teaches the basics of diving from a 1m and 3m spring board. Prerequisites include: performing a dive/jump from the side of the pool into deep water then proficiently swimming 25 yards and treading water for 2 minutes.

Fall 2017 SCHEDULE (Click here for more details!)

Session 1: Tuesdays (6pm to 7pm) August 29-Sept 19
Registration: August 23-25 $40.00

Session 2: Tuesdays (6pm to 7pm) September 26-October 17
Registration: September 20-22 $40.00

Session 3: Tuesdays (6pm to 7pm) October 24-November 14
Registration: October 18-20 $40.00

Session 4: Tuesdays (6pm to 7pm) November 28-December 19
Registration: November 15-17 $40.00


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