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Certification Classes

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Lifeguard Certifications

Lifeguard Participant Agreement

This form is required to be reviewed and signed. Participant will bring signed copy to first day of class.

Lifeguard Classes (ALL OFFERINGS - Click Here)

This class is an American Red Cross Certification. This class covers Lifeguarding skills, CPR, First Aid and AED skills. Participants must be at least 15 years of age or older and successfully complete all prerequisites

Blended Full Class Offering 

This is a Blended offering, meaning a portion of the class will be online. You will set-up the online portion prior to completing the pre-requisites on the first day of class. The first day will be for pre tests and and online material set-up.

Price:$285 ($250 to GAC, $35 to American Red Cross for online material) will receive link after registering with GAC.                                                                     


2-3 days Prior to registering online or at the front desk and once the payment has been processed, you will recieve an email with how to access the blended online portion. On the first day of class, during the prerequisite testing, We ask that you bring a laptop to access your email so that we can assist with any registration issues. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our front desk or your LG instructor.

Full Lifeguard Offering

May 1 Class

May 2-6                            May 2-4 (430pm-830pm) May 5,6 (1030am-530pm)

May 2 Class

May 9-13                          May 9-11 (430pm-830pm) May 12,13 (1030am-530pm)

May 3 Class

May 23-27                        May 23-25 (430pm-830pm) May 26,27 (1030am-530pm)

June 1 Class

June 2-7                                         June 2-3 (1030am-5pm) June 4-7 (12pm-5pm)

June 2 Class

June 16-20                                     June 16-17 (1030am-5pm) June 18-20 (12pm-5pm)

July Class

July 16-20                                 July 16-20 (12pm-5pm)


Full LG CLASS Price: $285                     


Lifeguard Re-certification

This class is a review class for participants seeking a recertification in ARC lifeguarding. Participants must hold a current/unexpired certification to register for this course. Details and upcoming courses...

May 1 Re-cert

Saturday- May 5th (1030am-5pm)

Sunday- May 6th (1030am-5pm)

June 1 Re-cert

Saturday- June 2nd (1030am-5pm)

Sunday- June 3rd (1030am-5pm)

July 1 Re-cert

Monday- July 9 (12pm-5pm)

Tuesday- July 10 (12pm-5pm)

Wednesday- July 11 (12pm-5pm)

July 2 Re-cert

Saturday- July 28 (1030am-5pm)

Sunday- July 29 (1030am-5pm)

Price: $150

Junior Lifeguarding

Ages 11- 14, wanting to become lifeguards and gain job experience. Junior guards will be trained as water safety assistants and assist with lifeguard duties and swim lessons. Certification includes: Junior Guard certification, First Aid and CPR/AED.

Summer Class-TBA

Water Safety Certification


Summer Class-TBA


Pool Operator Certification

On-line Registration (Note:may not work with gmail accounts see above for manual registration)

Click here for Class flyer and all info

(participant must attend all class dates to complete certification)

February 2018 Course